Wednesday, July 4, 2012

33rd Annual Kiwanis Morton Plant Mease Midnight Run/Walk

It was just me and the kids for this one since the wife unfortunately couldn't get off of work. I fully expected to be stuck with the kids cranky (way past their bed time) and arguing over who got to sit in the stroller while I pushed the along. I also fully expected to walk the mile and leave asap afterwards with crying kids. Amazingly, none of that happened. The kids were completely excited to be there. When the 'race' started, Megan wanted to sprint as fast as she could! Soon Cole was telling me he wanted to run and so there we were, Cole holding my hand and running along side me and Megan running on the other side of me. And there I was, pushing an empty stroller.

It was an extremely well organized event, the kids had a great time and when Cole saw the finish line he ripped his hand out of mine and made a mad sprint for it. I guarantee this won't be the last event they want to go to.

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